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ClearR specialises in digital transformation solutions tailored to your industry and organisation. From small business to enterprise - one size does not fit all.

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    Financial Services

    ClearR transforms insurance, wealth management and banking organisations with actionable insights and smart AI-powered predictions.

    For example we can help with:

    • Predicting clients at compliance risk and mitigating proactively with data insights
    • Intelligent claims management and predictive fraud detection
    • Whitespace, cross-sell and up-sell recommendations based on data
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    ClearR delivers better outcomes for communities across Australia by empowering government departments and project teams with the power of actionable data.

    For example we can help with:

    • Predictive and proactive risk mitigation for projects and initiatives
    • Outcome-based analytics and predictions
    • Intelligent fraud detection
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    Our specialised healthcare solutions improve patient experience, practice efficiency, staff satisfaction and business performance with data analytics and intelligent insights.

    For example we can help with:

    • Building a connected patient lifecycle
    • Intelligent and automated care plan management
    • Data-driven practice or hospital management
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    Not for Profit

    Not-for-profit organisations are better able to deliver on their vision and increase their social impact when they are driven by actionable, intelligent insights.

    For example we can help with:

    • Quickly segmenting your donor database and adding to the appeal of “best fit”
    • Understanding historical fundraising performance and trends to inform future decision making
    • Delivering comprehensive, actionable insights into social impact and service deliver
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    Telecommunications & Logistics

    To help communications and media businesses adapt to a disrupted and fast-moving environment, ClearR helps optimise internal systems and optimise audience experiences with outstanding business efficiency using the power of data insights and predictions.

    For example we can help with:

    • Churn and attrition analysis, predictions and recommendations
    • Intelligent customer service and engagement driven by predictive insights
    • Connected leader and seller insights, empowered by AI
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    Higher Education

    With a track record in education, our teams help improve student success and reduce service costs with the power of analytics and predictions, delivered to institutions in a simple, intuitive experience.

    For example we can help with:

    • Identifying at-risk student predictions and recommendations
    • Assessing likelihood to enrol and lead management for prospective students
    • Actionable, predictive fundraising insights.
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